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My name is Robert Swart and I created domaindeals.co.za at the beginning of 2015 since I saw a gap in the South African domain market. Every domain that I own was bought with the idea of starting an internet business but unfortunately it’s very difficult finding the time to develop each domain and dedicating the time it really needs to become a success. Currently I am the only one running the website part time but hopefully in the near future the website will go viral and I can do this full time with a dedicated team. I have a team of 20 designers and 10 developers that I outsource all of my logo design and web development work to so be sure we can deliver any project and make sure you get what you want when it comes to the designing packages we offer at Domain Deals. I will do my best to make every customers as happy as possible so make sure to contact me via the contact us page to discuss suggestions or offers or anything you feel like talking about.

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