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Logo Design Packages:

The most important aspect of your business identity will be choosing the correct logo design that represent what your business is all about so make sure you pick the correct company to do your logo design since most users will base their first impression of your company based on your logo. A custom logo design renders the brand value of your company, be it for your product or the service your company delivers, so that is why we provide an original, high-quality logo design for all kinds of business requirements at the most affordable prices.

How our logo design packages work:

  • Choose your package
  • Make payment
  • After making the payment we will email you a form that you have to fill in where we ask you a bunch of questions to get a better feel for what you are looking for
  • After we receive the form back we will start with your companies logo design requirements and you can expect your first round of logo concepts for our Basic, Budget and Silver packages within 2-5 working days and for the Gold and Platinum packages within 2-10 working days
  • After receiving your logo design concepts you have 1-3 working days to choose the best concept you wish to continue doing revisions on according to the package you have selected.
  • After your final decision you will receive your logo design in all the different file types specified in a zip file.

It’s very important to keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to use any of the logo concept ideas other that the one you have selected for your company since we keep the copyright for all of those concept ideas.

  • Designers
  • Concepts
  • Revisions
  • PSD
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Flyer Design

  • R499
  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
  • BUY

  • R999
  • 2
  • 4
  • 2
  • BUY

  • SILVER PACKAGE Most Popular
  • R2999
  • 4
  • 8
  • 4
  • BUY

  • R5999
  • 12
  • 36
  • Unlimited*
  • BUY

  • R12999
  • 20
  • 80
  • Unlimited*
  • BUY

More info on what each field means:

Designers – This specifies how many designers will work on your logo design. It’s always better to choose a package that have more than one designer since you will have a better chance of finding what you are looking for since different designers have different logo design ideas.

Concepts: This will specify how many different looking logo designs you will get to choose from.

Revisions – This will specify how many times you can ask for changes to the 1 logo concept that you have selected. By unlimited we mean we will go out of our way to try and satisfy the customer within reason.

File Types: We include PSD, PNG and JPEG files but if you need anything else please ask.

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