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Premium domain names are extremely hard to come by and people tend to trust these domain names more since they are short, unforgettable and easy to remember which in turn plays a huge rule if your business will be successful or not since people will remember these domain names and return for more business in the future. Investing in premium domain names also gives you instant brand recognition since the domain name specify exactly what type of business you are offering so the customer know they will get what they are looking for and in turn saves your business several thousands of dollars and time trying to curve the perception of the potential clients around what services or products you offer. Premium domain names also generally give a sense of authority and trust to potential clients since they understand the fact that these simple premium domain names are rare and expensive and nobody looking to scam people will invest that kind of money to make a quick buck and then disappear with their money. Premium domain names are arguably the base for all offline adverts that includes billboards, radio, TV, print ads and many more that will help with spreading your business name via word of mouth or people sharing your site from their social profiles. In addition to the above benefits, premium domain names tend to appreciate in value and as such can serve as solid assets and also have SEO benefits which include ranking your websites much faster.

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To sum it all up – The 3 main reasons for buying a premium domain name:

Value and Credibility

The way a consumer perceives your online brand is largely influenced by their sense of trust and how reliable you appear. By purchasing a premium domain name you convey a sense of professionalism which instantly demonstrates authority and expertise. The confidence and assurance you establish translates into increased traffic conversions for leads, dedicated customers, and consistent consumers of your content. In addition to consumers, other established online brands will be more willing to form fruitful business partnerships with you if they perceive you as credible and valuable. This can help expose your brand to a larger audience, and secure your success for the long term.

2) SEO & SERP Benefits

Although there have been major Google search engine algorithm updates overhauling previous SEO strategies regarding exact match domains, there are still plenty of benefits for purchasing a premium exact match domain name. Exact match premium domain names are organically better in terms of gaining traffic and can develop traction and recognition within the industry via passive non-link mentions and referencing. Non-link mentions and referencing are proceeding becoming an intricate part of search engine ranking optimization. For this reason exact match premium domains have immense value in regards to the future trends of SEO. In addition to non-linking citations, even non-EDM premium domains have an advantage in traditional link building which is effective for high search engine rankings. The more other authoritative and relevant blogs within your industry link to your site, the higher you appear in the search engines. By purchasing a premium domain name more sites will naturally want to link to your site due to its branding and perceived value.

3) Word Of Mouth Marketing

The most basic and consistently effective form of marketing is through organic word of mouth promotion. A short, memorable, straightforward domain name is naturally going to be more successful than something complex and less elegant sounding. Look at brands like Apple, Google, Amazon, Ebay they are all simple and easy to remember as opposed to a name like “Buy Cool Computers Online”. When spreading content on social media sites, a simple premium domain name appears less “spammy” and authoritative. Word of mouth marketing not only applies online however, if you ever decide to promote yourself offline through TV, billboard, or radio, you’re premium domain name has the ability to maintain the potential consumer’s attention and grab their interests.

Although for the first time buyer, the cost of a domain name may be intimidating, don’t be afraid to invest in a premium domain name if you are serious about your business. By understanding the dynamics of consumer psychology and why brands become successful, it is easy to understand the benefits of purchasing a premium domain name.

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